What my client's say

Wendy Benford - SSN @ Wexham PK Hospital

I have never had a sports massage before. I decided to have one as I have suffered with back pain, also tension in my neck has caused awful headaches, and this has been a long term problem until I met Shaun Maddock. I was given a card by a colleague at work with  Shaun's  number on it and gave him a call and booked an appointment , this I can confirm was the best hour I had invested in, Shaun has an excellent professional manner with good communication skills always asking me and telling me what he was going to do. He found all the problem points in my neck and back and worked on them, getting rid of the problem. My headaches have now disappeared and my back is much better, I now have regular treatments with Shaun as a preventative measure due to the psychological and physical aspects of my job, I honestly can highly recommend Shaun I wish I had found him sooner.


Katie Aisthorpe - Area Manager @ Slimming World.

Ladies Physique competitor

I can't recommend Shaun highly enough! I am a competitive bodybuilder and Shaun has sorted out every ache pain and strain I've had! I tell everyone I know about his services and I honestly don't think I could have trained at the intensity I do without knowing I have Shaun to fix me! Thank you Shaun :)


James Sumner - PE Teacher (Bucks)

Getting a magic massage from Shaun has worked wonders for my training regime, I have seen him a number of times now and always feel great after the massage almost like I have new muscles and joints and best of all I am injury free.

FB post by James Sumner:

 Why do people wait until they are injured to seek a sports massage!! I use the best sports masseuse Shaun Maddock to prevent the injury in the first place! ???? loosen up the joints and muscles for better performance and gains in the gym!


Chris Bargery - Business Development Manager


If you need your back or neck and in my case quads and glutes also worked on Shaun is your main man. Absolutely brilliant. I have had back and neck pain for ages. Having taken up 30plus bootcamp have made huge steps back to fitness and was directed to Shaun Maddock by a buddy and he has worked magic. Really knowledgeable, full work over and really helped massively. Try for yourselves!! 


 Amanda Lau - Personal Trainer @ Virgin Active 

Body fitness competitor


I first had a treatment with Shaun during the preparation for my first competition and I was amazed at his sensitivity and knowledge, the perfect combination for a sports masseur in my opinion. 
I barely told him what the problem was and he just knew it by looking at my posture and by tact. I was completely mesmerised! I now live 2,5 hours away from his massage studio and do not resent the journey up to see him, as the benefits of his treatments have enabled me to keep training and progress in my sport. I just don't get tired of telling people he is the only professional I trust my body with.


Amanda Lau - FB post

Legs destroyed at Forge gym and body rebuilt by Shaun Maddock - truly healing hands.


Balvinder Singh Phull - Marketing Manager @ Dell

I have used Shaun Maddock on numerous occasions; he is simply excellent at providing a professional sports massage which is very effective.   I have used Shaun for massages related to running and weightlifting - he has vast knowledge and experience to address these sports and more.  I have also recommended him to a professional marathon runner, who has in turn complemented Shaun in his technique and knowledge.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Shaun to anyone that is looking for a professional sport massage.


Tamara Makar - Personal Trainer

British & World Champion Female Bodybuilder 


The best feeling is when you have a great training session followed by a deep tissue massage. Shaun Maddock is the person to go to, I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you're close to Slough, come and see him!



If you are looking for a personal trainer or nutritional advice, diet plans etc, check out Tamara's website for her contact info.




Sean Burke - Song writer & Musician


 It doesn't get better than Shaun Maddock. I had many a massage when living in Asia, but none of them compared to this guy . I highly recommend him.





 Lesroy Markman - Personal Trainer @ Buzz Gym

FB Post: 

 Big thanks and shout out to my Massage Therapist. Shaun Maddock. The Seeing Hand Therapist, Link -http://www.tshtmassage.co.uk/index.htm. Helped to get me in the best shape for stage this year I feel, I've achieved to date. After his body muscle separation massage, I looked 100 times better then when I walked in. Highly recommend Shaun for anyone wanting to use the many benefits of Massage therapy. . #shedded #GymLife #athlete#therapy #physiotheripy #bodybuilding #abs #aesthetic #team #cuts #lifting #lifestyle#conditioning #tattoos #health #muscle #WeightTraining #weightsloss #BuildMuscle#compete #grow #ectomorph #focus #willpower - with Shaun Maddock. 


James O'Neill - National Account Manager

Due to travel and constant computer use I have suffered with tightness and imbalances in the Hamstrings, Lower Back and Shoulders. This had in turn affected my Sports performance. I met Shaun by chance, instantly welcoming and assuring he discussed with me his approach. I cannot give high enough praise, his ability to identify the triggers and areas for development are second to none. He not only relieved a shoulder complaint that I had suffered for 3 years but his knowledge of movement patterns has helped my training no end. Whether you are an athlete, pushing through the daily grind of work or suffering from an injury/disability make sure you go to Shaun. You will feel relaxed and reap the benefits of a highly trained Specialist!


Elizabeth Wynne-Ellis - SEO Analyst

I went to Shaun to help relieve headaches and upper back tightness. I was quite nervous at first as I wasn't sure what to expect but his professionalism and understanding instantly made me relax. The relief he has given me in my Head, neck and shoulders has been unbelievable!


Deborah Caldicott - Hairdresser 

 A huge Thankyou for today's massage, it was out of this world! I have had massages in the past but nothing compared to what I have just received & when I'm visiting Slough again (from Wales) I will definitely be booking more appointments. Highly recommended.

(Posted on my FB visitors post page) 


Mr Wish Scott - Personal Trainer & Krav Maga Instructor


Shaun's got mad skills & helped me a few times. I highly recommend this man.


Marta Chlanova - Personal Trainer

Figure competitor


The Seeing Hand Therapies - this amazing and truly skilled man Shaun Maddock has been looking after my muscles regularly for 7 months now. It's not just that he always sorts out my tightness and aches, it's also the welcoming atmosphere that he creates that has me coming back for more (torture 

?? ).

Now he's started using a new technique - Wavestone. I find with these stones you get more done with less pain. And when combined with Shaun's magic hands it's a recipe for healthy muscles.
Shaun is based in Slough and works either from his home or Forge Fitness gym.

Thank you, Shaun, for another great massage treatment yesterday! Always a pleasure! ??????

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Marta's shared FB post 

P.S - Ignore the torture part shes having a laugh. 






Tamara Makar - Personal Trainer

British & World Champion Bodybuilder 


 FB Post:

I cannot recommend anyone better than Shaun. He knows what he is doing and truly professional.


Robert McHarg - Director @ Training for success

Posted on my FB page

  Just been for another successful Session with Shaun the magician! Would highly recommend to anyone with aches, injuries and a stressful lifestyle!


 Harris Khan - Personal Trainer @ Crown Plaza

As a top instructor I need to make sure my level of fitness is at its highest I work hard and play hard both in the gym and on the pitch, the level I teach and play at is very intense as a result muscle fatigue and tightness are by products of this, Shaun Maddock has always done superb work on me in many ways, my recovery is much faster, my flexibility has improved dramatically Shaun is always able to get me back on track and at my peak level. I use Shaun's services regularly as I see his sports massage he provides as a valuable part of my continued development as he has an good understanding and is extremely professional, also I would unreservedly recommend Shaun Maddock to any prospective client and indeed have come to regard him as an integral part of my fitness and well-being programme, thank you Shaun for all your help and advice.


Chris Bell - CNC Engineer

Exceptional, Attentive, Meticulous, Intuitive. Friendly, Healing, That's Shaun. He has worked on me for a couple of years now via a recommendation from a colleague; he paid close attention to where the initial problems were. he intuitively knew from the consultation and examination I had an RSI due to the muscle imbalance and repetitive nature of my job at that time, Shaun knew where to focus and patiently worked through my problem, Shaun demonstrated a couple of exercises at the end of that initial treatment which I needed to do at home to help put muscle balance back on my weak side, I was amazed at how quickly I recovered, now I see Shaun once a fortnight for maintenance and relaxation I always leave Shaun's treatment room feeling both energized and relaxed. Shaun's treatments are soothing, calming, and he is a great human being that actually cares about people's well-being.  I recommend everyone I know to him and can't praise him enough.


Dr. Zahid Qayoom - Pharmaceuticals Consultant

MMA Fighter

I have been coming to see Shaun regularly for about a year, I have picked up a few minor injuries whilst doing MMA and he has always managed to find the problem and fix it. This has ensured that I have not had to take any time off training.

Training 7 days a week I am confident that whenever I have an injury Shaun will fix it, hence I have recommended him to many other people.

 Your appointments are never rushed and you always fit me in at short notice.

 Thanks Shaun for all your help.


Jason Hall AKA Kid London

Professional Welterweight Boxer - Ealing

I'd just like to say how grateful and satisfied I am for all the work and the  treatments you provide me with,I feel terrific mate, thank you Shaun.  


Mr Kaleem Sheikh, IT Consultant


I heard of Shaun via another website and took a leap of faith after being ripped off by other therapists. I have been seeing Shaun for about 6 months. He is one of those hidden gems that I want to keep quiet about so he can always have time to see me when I book. The prices/service is excellent compared to other therapists I have seen over the years. I can honestly say he is one of the best therapists I have met. Since seeing him I have more flexibility and less pain. I always book 2hr sessions time permitting and if I had the funds would book him for the whole day. He works on the issues at hand and advises on how to prevent reoccurrence. I promise you will not regret it by booking him for a therapy. Keep up the good work Shaun and see you soon.


Mr David Caton Richards, Tv & Film safety advisor


I've seen Shaun a few times now I and shall continue. Shaun is very professional and make me feel at ease. The service provided is always top notch and I always come away feeling relaxed and 100 times better. I would recommend Shaun to anyone.


Mr Rowland Mettam, Systems Admin Manager @ HSBC 

Amateur Boxer


I was recommended Shaun via the Forge gym, I have had a shoulder injury for quite a few years now from an old training injury. I have had various sports massages and acupuncture sessions from a variety of qualified professionals but with no real results in fixing this injury. After the first session with Shaun it was like an immediate pain relief and giving me full range of movement. I've just finished my second session this morning and I can't believe the amazing results after all these years with no joy in fixing this injury. His company name says it all for me the seeing hand. 









Mr K, Pharmacist inSlough

I've been seeing Shaun for about a year for back, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. He provides me with a sports massage with just the right amount of pressure, and manages to squeeze out every last knot in my shoulders. He is very professional in his approach and has a deep understanding of his treatment method. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a good sports massage.



Many thanks to the above clients for taking time out of there busy schedules and submitting these kind words, my hope is to carry on providing a quality service to all who visit me.


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Shaun Maddock